Serveur Engineer's Life

Introducing modpack, based around progression-through-ages system, but without strict restriction, only with changed recipes. You start in the stone age, gathering flint and grass to make your first equipment. You slowly evolve and can built more complex structures like Coke Oven. Then the Mechanical age begins - you can now try to build you first machines based on mechanical power... and that's just a beginning...

There are over 500 quests to guide you from Stone age to Digital age.


I - Stone age

(In this age you need to make a shelter, set up basic food production, build coke oven and set up charcoal production with fire pit);

II - Mechanical Age(Better with Mods);

(During this age you will learn how does mechanical power works in this pack, learn how to do better tools from different parts, begin to smelt iron and steel in kiln and blast furnace);

III - Industrial Age(Immersive Engineering);

(This Age will bring you RF energy production, make multiblock factories for better ores processing);

IV - Agricultural Expansion(Forestry);

(Age of full farming automatization - multiblock farms, green energy);

V - Industrial Revolution(Techreborn);

(More advanced stuff like rolling machines, multiblock saw, industrial blast furnace, pipes and better RF energy storage)

VI - Digital Age(Refined Storage);

(You will learn how to store items digitally - get rid of those chests!).


Version 1.5b

Espace Serveur